Woonallee Sale Results

22 February 2009

Fantastic Woonallee Simmental result
After setting state and national records at the 2008 Woonallee Elite Production sale, this year’s sale was always at risk of suffering a let down in comparison. However, that did not take into account the magnificent quality on offer, not only in appearance, but also in new genetic strength and the competition this attracted.
As a result Woonallee continued to set industry benchmarks and by sale’s end there was a total clearance of the 67 lots offered for a $311,200 gross. If anything this sale was more solid than last year as the top bull price was $13,000; a figure exceeded by 4 bulls last year including a record top of $30,000. Keeping this in mind, a $5,787 average for 38 Simmental bulls was a wonderful result when compared with last year’s $7,831 average, especially considering there was also an increase in sale numbers with seven more bulls being offered this year and no doubt the disastrous Victorian bushfires affected some potential top end stud demand. This in turn enabled more commercial producers to secure top bulls within their budget, unlike last year when several were blown away by the record breaking stud demand.
The depth of quality of the African and blended genetics on offer was exceptional and fully appreciated by the large crowd that contained 76 registered bidders, with every Australian state represented. While no commercial heifers were offered this year, 16 stud heifers and 2 cows were offered and snapped up by the appreciative buying gallery. These topped at a fantastic Woonallee on-property female record high of $10,000.
At lot 50, Woonallee Hedwig C130, a clean polled ET heifer carrying full South African genetics; sired by Blinkbou Modist and from Wisp-Will Hedwig 9, was arguably the individual highlight amongst the stud sales,. The successful purchaser was Stuart Moeck, Valley Creek Simmentals, Richmond, NSW, who secured this outstanding breeding prospect after a bidding duel with Mark Peucker, Mt Gambier. Stuart will use the heifer in an ET program to help upgrade his 30 strong cow herd.
Buyers of the $13,000 top priced bull were Tony and Helen Donohue, Ulmarra Simmentals at Singleton, NSW. This was for lot 3, Woonallee Class Act C119, a very impressive 900kg son of Latco Hager Junior; a new South African sire. At 20 months, Class Act also had an EMA reading of 136 square cms, great length, depth, balance and had that easy doing softness so much in demand these days.
Underbidders were Gary and Joy Allen, Tugulawa Simmentals, Mt Gambier, who later compensated by purchasing 2 top heifers at $6,500 and $2,500. John Hopkins, Wormbete Simmentals, Illabo, NSW jumped in one lot earlier than the Donohues to purchase Woonallee Clinical C71, a bull with faultless structure and a son of Woonallee Gladiator, the $21,000 son of BHR Three Sixes that sold to the Prospect stud in New Zealand at the 2006 sale.
Joe and Joanne Peel, Upper Wingan Simmentals, Mallacoota, Vic have been regular purchasers of top Woonallee females in past sales, but this year they invested in stud bulls, picking up 2 top sires at lots 7 and 38 for $9,000 and $6,250 respectively. At lot 7, the 22 month old Woonallee Compass C52 offered real sire power, high performance and huge muscling capacity, with a huge 145 sq cm EMA reading. The other was W> Claim C115, a long 20 month old son of Barabas 7767/11 and from Woonallee’s elite donor cow W. Tara Wee P T 009 (P).
Frank and Joe Rizza, Pakenham were other Victorian stud Simmental breeders who secured leading bull genetics by purchasing lot 25, a full South African blood ET bull sired by Locheim Primal, for the bargain price of $4,000.
The second top priced bull at $10,500 was lot 16, Woonallee Choice C27, a younger bull with terrific strength of pedigree, supported by outstanding structure and top performance. Former fellow vendors, the Waterfront stud of RH Hodge & Partners were the successful purchasers of this impressive youngster. They also later purchased a top heifer for $4,500.
In the past few years, South Australian stud breeders have been pushed into the background somewhat as interstate and international bidders have grabbed the star lots on a regular basis. However, this year they were more prominent and competed with the top interstate buyers. Besides the Waterfront stud, Rob Ness, Seddon stud, KI outlaid $7,500 for lot 12 for W.Consider C61, the first son of BHR Draco 628N to sell in this country. He combined length and muscling to be an ideal type for today’s beef industry. Rob also purchased a top sire at last year’s sale, being a strong supporter of Woonallee genetics.
Another South Australian buyer was Shirley Barker, Bokara Simmental stud, buying through Elders Strathalbyn. She bid $7,000 to secure W.Clockwork C54, an impressive son of Barana Zorra Z144, a bull that has worked very successfully for Woonallee in its blending program.
WA buyers were huge contributors to the success of last year’s record breaking sale, picking up the 3 top priced bulls at $30,000, $23,000 and $18,000, plus another at $10,000. This year it was left to Brad and Sylvia Patterson, Bullock Hills Simmentals, Katanning to hold the WA banner high. They purchased lot 6, Woonallee Centurion C113 for only $5,500 in one of the bargain buys of the sale. His dam has been a consistent producer of top stud sires and this son would not be disgraced in the company of any of her past top sons.
In the stud bull buying area, Queensland was represented by Bruce and Sandra Jorgenson, Mummulgum, Meandarra. They purchased lot 33 for $4,000, a son of the 2007 Royal Adelaide Show champion cow and supreme exhibit. Queensland buyers were much stronger competitors in the female offering. Gary Rahley, through Elders Toowoomba, who purchased the $21,000 top priced bull here 2 years ago, purchased a BHR Three Sixes daughter for $3,000.
However, it was Josh and Nigel Deveth, JD Simmentals, Murphy’s Creek, Qld who were the volume female purchasers, picking up 3 terrific heifers at $7,500 (for a daughter of W.Kaino A57, the $21,000 bull purchased by Gary Rahley), $4,000 and $2,250. The proceeds from the last one of these were donated to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal in a terrific gesture by the Baker family. Blue Dog Simmentals, Wandon, Qld were very prominent in the semen lots, purchasing 3 packages of 10 straws to the section top price of $260, plus $250 and $240 packages.
Tasmanian breeders were quite prominent this year in numbers, with 5 different purchasers from the Apple Isle purchasing through Roberts Ltd agent, Mark Lamprey, Moriarty, Tas. John and Dianne Elphinstone, Thurlstone, Tas were present this year after picking up a bull in proxy last year. This year they purchased lot 9 for $5,500. Oxberry Pastoral Trust, Launceston went to $4,000 in purchasing the lot 21 bull for use in their commercial herd, while Marthavale Investments paid $2,750 for the lot 30 bull.
Nathan and Leah Skirving, Sassafrass, purchased stud females at $4,000 and $5,500 to make a real impact in the female section of the sale. Haylee Bennett, accompanied by her mother, Sue Bennett, Gawler, Tasmania rounded out the buying from the Apple Isle, purchasing a Woonallee Satara Wee P Z 005 sired heifer for $3,000.
Other stud female purchasers were Jockwar Partnership, via Tailem Bend (1 cow at $3,500); Six Creeks Simmentals, Mt Gambier (2 heifers at $4,000 & $3,000); Justin Staley, Yarram, Vic (1 heifer at $3,000); Rebecca Peucker, Mt Gambier (1 heifer @ $2,500);G & J Huggins, Ballarat, Vic (1 heifer at $3,000); & JA & KL Head, Kerang, Vic (also 1 heifer at $3,000).
While stud sales tend to take the headlines in this sale where the Baker family offer new and exciting genetics ideally suited to Australian range grazing conditions, commercial breeders were also very prominent in the bull buying area.
Regular Woonallee supporter, James McKay, Egremont Pastoral Co, Lucindale was very strong in his bidding, purchasing Simmental bulls for $6,500 and $6,000 and then adding the 2 top young Simmental/Angus composite bulls at $5,000 each. He was the equal top volume bull buyer as a result. John Patterson Livestock, Ladysmith, NSW purchased 4 Simmental bulls from $3,000 to $6,000 for client Winderadeen Corporation, to be the other equal top volume buyer of bulls in the sale.
The Marriot family, Murroka P/L, Bairnsdale have been strong supporters of this sale for several years and were back again in force. They purchased 3 bulls @ $6,500, $6,000 and $3,500 this year.
Lance and Michael Skeer, operating through Chay & Merrett, Millicent also purchased 3 top bulls, paying from $4,500 to $7,000 to put real buying pressure on the stud buyers. Chris Bateman, through Elders Millicent paid $6,000 to $5,750 in picking up 2 top bulls including lot 1, a bull expected to attract strong stud interest. This is yet another example of lot 1 being a bargain buy, as many prospective buyers hang back for a while to judge the mood of the buying gallery.
Dale Bateman, through Landmark, Millicent also snapped up a powerful, top performance polled bull for $6,000.
Darren, Kylie and Mary Compton buying through Elders Heyward, Vic are regular commercial buyers at Woonallee and again showed they are prepared to mix it with stud bidders to get the genetics they want. They purchased a full African ET son of Kykso Haped at lot 14 for $8,500 which was not only the highest priced bull for commercial use, but also the 4th highest priced bull overall.
Other bull buyers included AP & MA Hickey, Camperdown, Vic; Yera Estate, Camperdown, Vic; Tony Bateman, Avonel Pastoral, Millicent, SA; Naremburn Investments, Strathalbyn, (all 1 bull & $4,000 each); Sheringa Pastoral, Millicent SA (1 at $3,000); Hancock Bros, Yorketown, SA, & Neutral Junction Props, Millicent, SA (1 each at $2,500)
Sale Summary                       Offered           Sold                 Top                 Ave
Simmental Bulls                      38                    38                    $13,000           $5,787
Composite Bulls                      7                      7                      $5,000             $3,500
Simmental Cows                     2                      2                      $4,000             $3,750
Simmental Heifers                  16                    16                    $10,000           $4,200
Semen (Package of 10 straws)       8                      8                      $260                $190
Sale Gross       $311,200
Sale Agents     Elders Ltd            Auctioneer Ben Finch
Helen & Tony Donehue, Ulmarra Simmentals, Ben Finch, Elders, Lizzy, Olivia and Tom Baker with the $13,000 Top Priced Bull Woonallee Class Act.
Stuart Moeck with the $10,000 Top Priced female, Woonallee Hedwig C130 (P).
Sale Results
Simmental Bulls
Lot 1 Woonallee Coalition - $6000 - CI Bateman, Millicent
Lot 2 Woonallee Clinical - $8500 - J Hopkins, Wormbete Simmentals
Lot 3 Woonallee Class Act - $13,000 - T Donohue, Ulmarra Simmentals
Lot 4 Woonallee Calibrate - $6000 - L Skeer, Millicent
Lot 5 Woonallee Clockwork - $7000 - S Barker, Bokara Simmentals
Lot 6 Woonallee Centurion - $5500 - B Patterson, Bullock Hills Simmentals
Lot 7 Woonallee Compass - $9000 - J & J Peel, Upper Wingan Simmentals
Lot 8 Woonallee Conductor - $6500 - J Mckay, Lucindale
Lot 9 Woonallee Colleteral - $5500 - J Elphinstone, Tasmania
Lot 10 Woonallee Canasta - $6500 - Winderadeen Corp., Wagga
Lot 11 Woonallee Custom Built - $6000 - D Bateman, Millicent
Lot 12 Woonallee Consider - $7500 - R Ness, Seddon Simmentals
Lot 13 Woonallee Connect - $6000 - Winderadeen Corp., Wagga
Lot 14 Woonallee Charisma - $8500 - M Compton, Portland
Lot 15 Woonallee Complete - $3000 - Winderadeen Corp., Wagga
Lot 16 Woonallee Choice - $10,500 - RH Hodge, Waterfront Simmentals
Lot 17 Woonallee Calculator - $4000 - T Bateman, Millicent
Lot 18 Woonallee Cannanball - $6500 - Murroka, Foster
Lot 19 Woonallee Cargo - $6000 - J Mckay, Lucindale
Lot 20 Woonallee Castle - $6000 - Murroka, Foster
Lot 21 Woonallee Carbine - $4000 - Oxley Pastoral, Tasmania
Lot 22 Woonallee Clown - $5000 - Winderadeen Corp., Wagga
Lot 23 Woonallee C42 - $4500 - L Skeer, Millicent
Lot 25 Woonallee Captivate - $5000 - F & J Rizzo, Trijena Simmentals
Lot 27 Woonallee Captain - $5750 - C Bateman, Millicent
Lot 29 Woonallee Credible - $4000 - Camperdown
Lot 30  Woonallee Checkmate - $2720 - B Stewart, Tasmania
Lot 32 Woonallee Caveman - $3500 - Murroka, Foster
Lot 33 Auscan Cadillac - $4000 - B Jorgenson, NSW
Lot 35 Woonallee Comrad - $2500 - Elders Millicent
Lot 36 Woonallee Crown - $4000 - Alan Hickey, Camperdown
Lot 37 Woonallee C18 - $7000 - L Skeer, Millicent
Lot 38 Woonallee Claim - $6250 - J & J Peel, Upper Wigan Simmentals
Lot 40 Woonallee Copyright - $ 2500 - Elders Millicent
Composite Bulls
Lot 41 Woonallee C206 - $5000 - J Mckay, Lucindale
Lot 42 Woonallee C201 - $4000 - Elders Strathalbyn
Lot 43 Woonallee C68 - $5000 - J Mckay, Lucindale
Lot 44 Woonallee D228 - $3000 - G Watson, Millicent
Lot 45 Woonallee D224 - $2500 - Hancock Brothers
Lot 46 Woonallee D225 - $2500 - Hancock Brothers
Lot 47 Woonallee D227 - $2500 - W Klein, Millicent
Lot 48 Woonallee Bee-Kaha - $4000 - L Skurving, Tasmania
Lot 49 Woonallee Lettuce - $3500 - Jockwar, Tailem Bend
Lot 50 Woonallee Hedwig - $10,000 - S Moeck, Valley Creek Simmentals
Lot 51 Woonallee Penny - $3000 - H Bennett, Tasmania
Lot 52 Woonallee Olive - $3000 - J Head, Echuca
Lot 53 Woonallee Elena - $4000 - B & S Creek, Six Creek Simmentals
Lot 54 Woonallee Tiffany - $2500 - R Puecker, RK Simmentals
Lot 55 Woonallee Jeannie - $3000 - G Rahley, Aussie Park Simmentals
Lot 56 Woonallee Rambler - $3000 - J Staley, Yarram
Lot 57 Woonallee Ashante - $7500 - J Deveth, JD Simmentals
Lot 59 Woonallee Julani - $6500 - G Allen, Tugulawa Simmentals
Lot 60 Woonallee Arabella - $5500 - Leah Skurving, Tasmania
Lot 61 Woonallee Julani - $4500 - RH Hodge, Waterfront Simmentals
Lot 62 Woonallee Pansy - $4000 - J Deveth, JD Simmentals
Lot 63 Woonallee Pansy - $2250 - J Deveth, JD Simmentals
Lot 64 Woonallee Truffle - $3000 - J Huggins, Dandavjon Simmentals
Lot 65 Woonallee White Gum - $3000 - B & S Creek, Six Creeks Simmentals
Lot 66 Woonallee Yalta - $2500 - G Allen, Tugulawa Simmentals
Lot 67 Double Bar D Make M Polled - A. $200/Straw - Six Creek Simmentals B. $260/Straw Blue Dog Simmentals, QLD
Lot 68 Woonallee BHR Tornado (P) - A. $240/Straw - Blue Dog Simmentals B. $260/Straw Blue Dog Simmentals
Lot 69 Woonallee Hadau - A. $170/Straw - Yerwal Estate Simmentals B. $160/Straw T Coolahan, Victoria
Lot 70 Woonallee Boulder - A. $120/Straw - Yerwal Estate Simmentals B. $120/Straw - Yerwal Estate Simmentals