Field Day Success

7 October 2007

67 cattle producers attended the Woonallee Field. On display were the 2008 Sale bulls, Yearling heifers and specially selected Stud Bulls. Sires represented included; BHR Three Sixes, BHR Mystique, BHR Doorn, BHR Draco, Grimich Park Stynes, Woonallee Africa, Kykso Haped, BFP Bolagi and Bullock Hills Woosha.
The winner of the $1500 Judging prize was Bill Sleep, Victoria and second winning $1000 was Chris Bateman, Furner SA. Mr Fred Schuetze, Buzzard Hollow Ranch, Texas gave a brief run down on the Buzzard Hollow program and the future of the Simmental breed.
Mr Fred Schuetze