Buzzard Hollow

29 December 2006

Shawacres Nacobi is a great son of Dan-Jaco Benz 78 out of Ai-Ai Rina, we saw Rina in South Africa in October last year and she is one of the mot correct cows you will ever see, she has great volume and structure combined with a great set of feet and legs. Nacobi has all of these attributes and the length and softness in this bull will complement the Woonallee Program.
BHR N525 is a son of BHR Orange River out of Lettmairs Elsa. A great bull with amazing depth and softness, it is hard to find a bull with these features and still maintain the growth and performance. His mother Elsa is a great cow and was imported from Germany to Texas. We viewed Elsa in 2002 and she was a tremendous cow with great structure and all her progeny were in the top of their groups at BHR.