Woonallee's 4th eNews

12 January 2012


Welcome to Woonallee's 4th eNews

We have featured several of our exciting and exclusive lots so far but now we feature arguably the best bull ever raised here at Woonallee, Flamboyant (P). Flamboyant is truly a once in a lifetime bull. He has outperformed everything in the 2010 drop and is the highest performing bull we have ever seen here at Woonallee. He is an extremely long bull with great depth, capacity and has amazing thickness, softness and style. Natural balance, mobility and wonderful hair type completes this herd changing polled sire. His growth and performance is amazing and this is matched by his awesome carcase data. His scan data at 17 months was 8/6mm of fat with a 127 sq cm eye muscle and he weighed in at 865kgs.

Sired by Woonallee BHR Tornado (P), who needs no introduction and out of the top priced female from the 2008 Waterfront sale, his pedigree is one of power and predictability. Normally we would keep a sire of this quality but once again our 40th Anniversary celebrations have got the better of us and he sells on the 9th of February, 2012. We will be retaining 200 straws of semen for in herd use only and will be using him in our mating programme for 2012.

Topping off this amazing polled sire is a great set of EBV’s. Flamboyant is in the top 1% of the breed for 200 day growth, top 5% for 400 days and the top 10% for 600 days. Combine this with above average eye muscle and positive fat figures he has the numbers to back up his awesome phenotype.

If you would like any further information on Flamboyant or any other sale lot please feel free to contact me on 0428 475 066 or tbaker@bakergroup.com.au. For an independent assessment of Flamboyant please contact Ross Milne: 0408 057 558 or Ben Finch: 0408 802 760. 



Lot 1 Woonallee Flamboyant (P)



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