World Congress 2010

28 September 2010

Over 160 Simmental cattle were exhibited at the World Congress feature show in front of a crowd that exceeded 400 people. The crowd was made up of 165 delegates from 17 different countries from around the world, and they were treated to an amazing spectacle of quality Simmental cattle from every state in Australia.
The cattle were paraded in front of world renowned judge Mr John Young, Skerrington Mains Simmental stud, Scotland.
Woonallee exhibited 16 cattle, all of which were in the Junior section of the show. The day started well with the heifers winning 3 of the first 4 classes. Woonallee Patty E127 won class 4001 and Woonallee Ruth E117 was awarded 3rd in the same class. Woonallee Arabella won class 4002 with Woonallee Rosy being awarded 2nd and Woonallee Ella 5th in the same class. Woonallee Ashante won class 4003 and Woonallee Lady Suzi was awarded 3rd. The junior champion heifer was awarded to the youngest of our heifers, Woonallee Patty E127 with Woonallee Arabella winning reserve Junior champion.
Pedigree Information
Woonallee Patty E127 - Sire: Woonallee Boulder  Dam: Woonallee Patty A71
Woonallee Ruth E117 - Sire: Gibby's Real Deal  Dam: Woonallee U200
Woonallee Arabella - Sire: Woonallee Hadau  Dam: Woonallee Y65
Woonallee Rosy - Sire: Blinkbou Modist  Dam: Wisp-Will Rosy
Woonallee Ella - Sire: Woonallee Hadau  Dam: Woonallee X24
Woonallee Ashante - Sire: BHR Draco  Dam: BHR Ashante L137E
Woonallee Lady Suzi - Sire: BHR Draco  Dam: BHR Lady Suzi J067E
Below:   Woonallee Patty being awarded Junior Champion Heifer
Below: The Junior Championship line up
The Bull section was always going to be a extremely strong section with the best bulls from around the country striving for the biggest award in the Simmental breed. Woonallee was represented in 2 of the Junior classes, and it started well when we took a clean sweep of class 4009 with our 4 bulls winning the first 4 places. 1st Woonallee Essendon, 2nd Woonallee Ernie, 3rd Woonallee Earthquake, 4th Woonallee Entice. The last of the Junior classes was class 4010 with Woonallee Enhance placed 4th and Woonallee Endeavour 5th. The Junior championship ended well when Woonallee Essendon was awarded Junior Champion bull and Woonallee Ernie took home the Reserve Junior bull award. Essendon continued his succesfull run by winning the Grand Champion Bull award.
Pedigree Information
Woonallee Essendon  Sire: Woonallee Hadau  Dam: Langton-Gate Autumn Girl
Woonallee Ernie  Sire: Barana Zorro  Dam: Woonallee Pansy B8
Woonallee Earthquake  Sire: Woonallee Hadau  Dam: Woonallee Regal X46
Woonallee Entice  Sire: BHR Draco  Dam: BHR Swazi G100E
Woonallee Enhance  Sire: BHR Draco  Dam: BHR Ashante L137E
Woonallee Endeavour  Sire: BHR Draco  Dam: BHR Lady Suzi J067E
Below: Woonallee Essendon being awarded Junior champion
Below: Woonallee Ernie Reserve Junior bull with Woonallee Essendon.
The Group classes were the end to a terrific display of Simmental cattle. In class 4013 Best of 3 head, Woonallee was awarded 1st with Woonallee Essendon, Ernie and Patty. Class 4014 Sires Progeny Woonallee was awarded 1st with the group sired by BHR Draco and 3rd with the group sired by Woonallee Hadau. Class 4015 Best 2 bulls, Woonallee was awared 1st with Essendon and Ernie and 3rd with Earthquake and Entice. Class 4016 Best 2 Heifers, Woonallee was awarded 1st with Patty E127 and Arabella. An amazing day for Woonallee was topped off by winning Most Successful Exhibitor.
Below: Woonallee Essendon - Junior and Grand Champion bull
Below: Woonallee Patty - Junior Champion Heifer
Below: Woonallee Arabella - Reserve Junior Champion Heifer
Below: Woonallee Rosy - 2nd in class
Below: Woonallee Ella

There were many great moments for us at the World Congress feature show, but one of the proudest moments came on Sunday when Woonallee Zues made $11,000 in the ALPA charity auction, with all of the proceeds being donated to the Beyond Blue foundation. Zues was purchased by Coles, who was represented by Mr Dale Pemberton.


Thank you must go to Finely High School who prepared the steer for this event.


Below: Woonallee Zues L to R Finely High School students, Tom Baker , Dale Pemberton (Coles), John Mcgrath (Beyond Blue) and Stephen Spargo (President of the RAS).

Below: Winning Borthwick Trophy group. L to R - VPC Cattle Services with a Woonallee Steer, Grant High School with a Woonallee Steer and NMIT with a Brenair Park Steer.