SA Junior Heifer Expo

28 July 2010

Simmentals dominate record SA Junior Heifer Expo

 (Report by Ian Turner)

The 2010 SA Junior Heifer Expo held last week (July 12 to 15) was a resounding success with a record 187 entries for this live-in event at the Royal Adelaide Showground, Wayville, SA.



The major sponsors Landmark, CGU and The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society combined to fund the $7,500 award of a 4 month study trip to the USA for the winner of the Senior Herdsman competition. This was won by South Australian Emma Burpee, who has progressed through the ranks over the years, having started in the junior classes.


There are educational opportunities on handling, preparation, marketing, judging, agribusiness, management and even auctioneering. At the end of the week there was a mass of exhausted smiles on the group of participants, many of whom have made new friends for life. This Expo educational Expo climaxes with judging of the heifers and steers; loaned by leading breeders for these young beef cattle enthusiasts, and then the handlers.


There were 19 different breeds on exhibition this year that gave the heifer judges, Mr Rob Sinnamon, Baryulgil, NSW and Mr Martin Beltrame, Balhannah, SA plenty of hard decisions to make. The two steer classes were assessed by Mr Tim Bayliss, Holbrook, NSW and also supported by Martin Beltrame.


The judging of the handlers is where the participants are assessed on what they have been able to learn during the preceding 3 days and whether they have established control and a bond with their animal. The handlersí judge was Mrs Erica Halliday, Walcha, NSW who was supported by Mr Brad Creek , Mt Gambier.


While this wonderful event has been set up to help grow young cattle enthusiasts into active and leading participants in Australiaís beef industry and is not really a competition between breeds, nevertheless all breeds take measure of the results they have been able to achieve in the heifer and steer judging.


It was here that Simmentals excelled beyond any expectations. There were 16 Simmentals amongst the 161 heifers competing and they competed in 12 of the 16 junior, intermediate and senior heifer classes. They won an incredible 7 of those 12 classes, while 4 others were placed 2nd (2 to other Simmental entries) and another 4 received place ribbons. They then scooped the pool in the championships, winning all three age group championships.


The junior champion was Tugulawa Elvie, a 12 month old heifer from Gary and Joy Allanís Mt Gambier based stud and was under the control of Hedi Cory at the Expo.


The intermediate champion was Woonallee Ella E24, a 14 month old heifer from the Baker familyís Woonallee stud at Furner and was presented by Shannon Lynes at this Expo.


The Bakers also supplied the winner of the senior champion heifer award, this going to Woonallee Irene E203, a 16 month old heifer displayed by Rebecca Agnew. Six of the class winners came from the Woonallee stud in an outstanding result.


In the steer judging from 26 steers, being prepared to be at their peak for the September Adelaide Royal steer judging, awards were given for light and heavy weight categories. There were 8 Simmental or Simmental cross entries and they came away well satisfied. In the lightweights, not really a specialty area for the breed, a Charolais x Hereford cross steer got the blue ribbon from a 4 breed hybrid steer that included Simmental in that mix.


In the heavyweights it was a dominating result for the breed. Glental Efficient, a 13 month old Black Simmental from the Cartledge family at Meningie came out the winner, being displayed by Ryan Konzag. This steer then went on to be the overall champion. In second place was the 15 month old Simmental, Woonallee Cooper and an 11 month old red Simmental x Angus cross steer, again from the Cartledge family, was third.


The handlersí awards donít really have a breed reference, but from a Simmental perspective, congratulations are extended to all young handlers who prepared Simmental entries, but especially senior champion handler award winner, Jarrad Eason, the intermediate champion award winner in James Burgun, and the reserve champion intermediate award winner, Lewis Bruggemann.
Woonallee Cooper
Woonallee Ella - Intermediate Champion Heifer
Woonallee Rosy - Winner of class 8
Woonallee Ruth - Winner of class 4
Woonallee Ashante - Winner of class 12